Nutrition Depot Power Lifting Strap

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  • High quality & durable made with nylon 
  • Secure wrapping around the bar with silicon wrist support
  • Made with nylon for better grip and long-lasting
  • Perfect for power-lifters performing deadlifts, rows and heavy lifting!

Made for heavy lifters and power lifters! With a revolutionary upgrade – all silicone anti-skid booster belt #CreatingChampions written on it!

Nutrition Depot nylon power lifting straps are often more cost-efficient than leather and longer-lasting than cotton. Many athletes also prefer the unique feel and texture of the nylon webbing for getting a consistent, smooth release off the bar. Overall, power lifting straps are best utilized for helping athletes to power through and reap the benefits of workouts that might otherwise be short-circuited by diminished grip strength over time.

The strap is 40cm in length and triple-stitched perpendicular to the wrist support, allowing for quick, precise, and secure wrapping around the bar. 

Strong, long-lasting and durable!

1.Helps you lift more weights!

2.Protects your wrist during weight lifting, power lifting, bodybuilding, sports

3.Helps to relieve the pain and swelling of wrist symptoms

4.Reduces injury of your wrist caused by friction and hitting

5.The good compression can make your wrist covered completely

Nutrition Depot Power Lifting Strap

In stock