Dr. Rayhan


Dr. Rayhan Shahidullah, (MBBS) currently doing his post Graduation course in medicine and side by side practitioners of internal medicine in Bangladesh. He has been learning martial arts and participating in various martial arts competitions from his childhood. He started as a powerlifter and took part in Strength Games Bangladesh. His specialty is not only in martial arts but also in various form of bodybuilding, strength training and rehabilitation of workout related injuries.



Kamal is a self-taught fitness trainer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Kamal began his fitness journey when he was 12 years old. Inspired by Hollywood movies stars, he fell in love with the fitness world. As a fitness trainer, Kamal has been establishing fitness program according to the clients fitness goals. Kamal also views that fitness and healthy lifestyle should not be exclusive for those who can sign up for a gym membership. It should be able be done anywhere, at your home, by the sidewalk or in the park. Health is for all.